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Singapore is not just a city known for its cosmopolitan vibe, efficient transportation system and colourful cultures. For many, it is a shopping mecca. It is home to many malls, both budget and high-end. The retail culture is so alive, and there are many places where you will score great deals and finds.

So if you are planning to fly into the country, you better ready your wallet and appetite. You will surely have a wonderful time finding what you love and shopping for what you need. And because you are potentially going on an unstoppable splurge, you have to keep some things in mind to make this sport of yours much more manageable and fun.

But first things first. You have to set aside a budget so that you will not lose a lot of money. Maintain discipline when using credit cards. And for anything else, you may want to read the following pointers.

Get your ride

While Singapore has a very efficient transportation system, you wouldn’t want to walk around and get down to the subway and then do it again upon reaching your destination. Walking around with many shopping bags may be problematic.

This is why you should always book a car rental for private hire while in Singapore. You may also commission the same car for your city tours.

Know the shopping hotspots

woman shopping jewelryTo save time and plan your shopping itinerary carefully, you need to know the shopping hotspots in the country. You can start with Jewel Changi, though some of the items there may get expensive. If you are into bargain, you should visit Bugis Street and Chinatown.

But if you are after high-end purchases, The Shoppes at Marina Bay and Raffles City are the places you should visit.

Make sure you have extra baggage allowance

Because you are a tourist in Singapore, it would be nice to make sure that you have additional baggage allowance before you leave the country. You will not want to have any problem at the airport, so you better buy extra baggage allowance. Many recommend doing it online, as it will help you save a lot of money.

Buying baggage allowance at the airport is usually much more expensive.

Use cash as much as possible

Shopping abroad should be much more convenient with the help of credit cards. But if you want to control your spending, you may want to use cash as much as possible. Doing this will also encourage you to plan your purchase accordingly and keep you from spending too much.

Singapore’s shopping culture is more than alive. It is colourful and vibrant. The malls are regular fixtures in its many districts, and everywhere you turn, you may find a store, a retailer, or a street that is filled with shops worthy of your discovery.

And if you are planning to splurge and indulge in this city, it would be wise to make some preparations. That way, you will learn how to manage things much more easily and keep yourself from losing a lot of money.

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