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Spring is over, and the sunshine and warm temperatures are a welcome change from the chilly days. However, summers also mean extreme heat, and it won’t be easy for your vehicle.

With summer here, make sure your car is ready for the scorching heat. Here are tips to ensure your vehicle is in top-notch shape throughout the season:

1. Top off Fluids

Just like you need to stay hydrated every day, your car needs adequate fluids throughout the summer. For most cars, their average operating temperature ranges from 195 to 220 F°.

Unfortunately, summer temperatures could exceed those ranges, placing your vehicle engine on a lot of strain. Before embarking on a long trip, check the fluids, then change and refill them to optimal levels.

Here are the five essential fluids to check for summer driving:

  • Oil: Your oil should have an amber color. It should also be up to the fill line.
  • Engine coolant: This fluid prevents your engine from overheating. Make sure your reservoir tank is full of it, and it doesn’t have a rusty color.
  • Transmission fluid: The fluid should have an excellent shade of red and must be full up to the engine’s indicator line.
  • Windshield washer fluid: Although this fluid is not as crucial as the others, it is essential during summer storms. Make sure it is full before you set out on a rainy day.
  • Power steering fluid: A power steering fluid makes it easier for you to steer the vehicle. Like other fluids, make sure that it’s full up to the required levels before setting out.

2. Inspect the Battery

Batteries that are more than a few years old are likely to have issues with holding a charge. Head to an auto repair shop to have your battery tested and determine if you need a replacement.

3. Install New Wiper Blades

Summer means dealing with not only the extreme heat but also summer storms. Check if your current wiper blades come into contact with the glass. If not, it means they’re ineffective and need to be replaced.

4. Test the Air Conditioning

Travelling car

The last thing you want to happen during a trip is for the air conditioning to stop working in the middle of the day. Turn on the system and see if the vents blow cold air; if not, it needs a recharge. Mechanics can also check the air conditioning for leaks.

5. Put Together an Emergency Kit

A first-aid kit, flashlights, flares, and spare tires are great items to have on the trunk. They can help you repair your car and keep you safe in case the vehicle breaks down in the middle of nowhere. So if you encounter a flat tire during your trip, a quick change helps you get to the nearest auto repair shop where car tire changer equipment can best get the job done.

You rely on your vehicle to get you through the summer and keep you cool as you travel from one place to another. Take some time to care for your car and make sure it’s fully equipped to endure the extreme heat and summer storm. It will keep you safe during the season and save you costly repairs.

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