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The outdoors is an awesome place to go to for fun, adventure, and bonding. It offers so much variety that anyone and everyone can get to enjoy it. While it can also be challenging, the main thing that it offers is for everyone to have a great time. It is also one of the best ways to get away from city life and all the stress and problems associated with it.

Most people are aware of the most common ways to enjoy the outdoors. Simply going on overnight camping is probably the most common. But there are so many ways to enjoy what the outdoors have to offer. People just need to be a little more creative and they will find that the fun factor can be multiplied several times over.

Just think about it. The family or a group of friends can have so much more fun by dreaming about the terrific alternatives to the tried and tested. Below are some suggestions on unique alternatives to going on an outdoor camping trip.

  1. Bikepacking

Bikepacking is a cool new way to go camping. You can take your trusty bike along for the ride and go on a trip that can either be planned or unplanned, depending on how much adventure you want to go on. This type of trip is best done on unpaved roads to maximize the adventure aspect of it. Just make sure that the gears are centered on the front, center, and back of the bike.

  1. Camper Shells

Camper shells are also great alternatives for going on camping trips. The fact that it is a small housing that is also used as a small truck makes it perfect for travelers and campers. Families and groups could simply hop into their truck and drive to any destination and camp there. Using camper shells adds a layer of flexibility to how, when, and where campers could go to.

  1. Inflatable Cave Tents

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Inflatable cave tents are awesome for campers because they are so handy. In a matter of a few moments, you can have a shelter for you and your group ready to be occupied. Not only it is handy, but it is also quite comfortable. The tent is built of an airframe that is aligned in the shape of a diamond. It has a round zipper door as well as a mesh net unit that protects from insects.

  1. Packrafting

For something different, you can try out packrafting. This outdoor alternative allows people to make trails out of streams and rivers. Outdoor enthusiasts can get to places that are not easily accessible by foot or through the use of land vehicles. The equipment used for this adventure is a lightweight inflatable raft and a kayak paddle.

These are all great and exciting alternatives to going camping. They are unique because they are not your usual camping set-up or destination. There is also enough challenge to attract even the most daring of campers that want to try new things every once in a while.

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