Replace hazardous tools and equipment in traditional auto repair shops with sustainable ones, such as heat pumps, carbon dioxide HVAC systems, and evaporative cooling systems.  […]

auto repair man looking at a white car's engine

Use diagnostic tools such as code readers, diagnostic scan tools, and oscilloscopes to identify car issues quickly and accurately. Utilize POS software to manage customer

mechanic smiling

• Utilize AI-driven software to diagnose engines. This results in faster turnaround times and happier customers. • 3D printing replacement parts eliminates the need to

fixing a car

• Computerized diagnostics are quickly becoming the industry standard for car maintenance, as they help mechanics identify issues quickly and accurately.  • Automation technology is

car mechanic

Many long-haul trucks you’d see on the road are in bad shape. Their engines also spew out soot, risking the health of pedestrians and hurting

a truck
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