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Old cars are pretty common in the US when compared to any other country. Among the more than 250 million cars in the US, about 62 million (25%) are more than sixteen. There are various reasons for this. The first is that Americans love old and classic cars. If you know someone who owns a classic muscle car, that car becomes the face of their collection. So time and time again, Americans buy twenty or even thirty-year-old cars that barely function and restore them to working order. The second reason is that it’s much cheaper to buy an old car. You can easily get a car that’s five years old above for less than half the price of a new car.

Many dealerships offer this everywhere. The third and last reason is that we can’t seem to get rid of it. At some point in our lives, we start to develop a relationship with our vehicles, especially if they have been around for many years. Even if they stop functioning, we can’t get rid of them because of the attachment we have developed. However, regardless of your reason, you came to this article to find ways to make your old car new again.

Car Wrapping vs. Respraying

There are two ways you can make the exterior of your look new again. These two options are car wrapping and respraying. These options vary greatly with one another, and each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Let’s first have a look into car wrapping.


Car wrapping is a fairly new service in the automotive industry. Still, it has easily become an important service for every car owner who wants to customize their ride despite being new. Any design can be done through wrapping, and the best designs come in the form of superheroes, abstract art, and huge logos. The best part of it all is that it’s a much cheaper service than respraying. An average car wrap costs $800 and is much faster to do.

However, the main disadvantage of wrapping your car is that it’s not as permanent as respraying. It’s also more vulnerable to wear and tear. But it’s the best choice you have if your car’s default paint is still intact and you want to make your old car look awesome.


Respraying is costly. It’s also less customizable than a car wrap, and if you find a painter that does customized designs, it will cost you about $5,000. There is no real reason for you to respray your vehicle unless the default paint has faded away. It’s also suggested for restorations. So if your car is not in dire need of restoration or its paint is still intact, go for car wrapping instead.


car tint

The windows of an old car are clear for everyone to see. It will receive the most wear and tear alongside the paint of your car. However, one good and cheap solution for this does not involve replacing your car’s windows. That solution is tinting your car’s windows. This particular improvement is made by almost everyone who wants to make their vehicle look cool and presentable.

It’s also the best solution that manufacturers will offer once your windows have received minor damage like scratches. It will hide those damages quite easily and make your windows look new again. However, if there are some sizeable cracks in the windows, consider replacing them entirely.

Deep Clean

Doing a deep clean is an option you can do yourself, but you’re going to need some high-pressure washer to do the trick. Some dirt and grime tend to cover our car’s paint and underbelly. A simple car wash usually overlooks these. Additionally, some of these things can stick right inside your car’s interiors, staining carpets, seats, and more. If you noticed some of these things, it’s time to do a deep clean.

Deep cleaning requires a high-pressure washer and some car wax. First, make sure you hit every part of your car’s exterior to remove all the dirt and grime that might have stuck to the paint. If the washer can’t remove it, then consider wiping it while washing it off. Then apply some wax right after. For the interior of your car, remove all seat covers and carpets and wash them with your washer.

Make sure to pat them dry before you install them back inside your car. Lastly, remove the cover of your car’s air conditioner if you can. Inside, you’re going to see dust that might have accumulated throughout the years. Clean them out with a portable vacuum, and you should be good to go. After a good deep clean, your car will look brand-new again, and people will forget it’s actually pretty old.

These are simple ways to make your old car look new again. They don’t require a considerable investment. So try them out and see which fits your budget the best.

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