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While going out is still risky in many areas during this global health crisis, some places are becoming more lenient with quarantine protocols. With these updated guidelines, social gatherings and celebrations might be allowed for some. You must check with your local government about your updated safety protocols before planning an event that includes a handful of people.

Overnight boat hire is one idea to celebrate special occasions these days. Experiencing special events on the water is a unique way of making moments with friends and loved ones more memorable. If it is your first time going on a cruise, there are tips and etiquette to know before heading to the boat. This is to ensure that everyone on the cruise will enjoy their time.

Similar to how there are guidelines and unspoken rules at airports, there are also things to avoid when going on a cruise. First-timers should familiarise themselves with these things to ensure a good time.

Avoid Getting Sick On Board

If it is your first time riding a boat, you might want to research how to avoid getting motion sickness while on board. Riding a boat, especially for a special event, can be a memorable experience. Still, it would be best to be memorable for the good things and not due to uncontrollable nausea. While symptoms of seasickness may differ for each person, it is best to prepare for the worst, especially if it is your first boat ride. You never know when motion sickness will hit you hard.

When riding on a boat, while there might be many food options available, it would be best to steer clear of certain types of food to avoid getting sick on board. Sushi might sound like a good idea as you live a luxurious life on a boat, but it is still risky to devour California rolls when you are expected to be social all night long.


Salads are known to be susceptible to the growth of germs. Fresh vegetables might be your personal bet to avoid motion sickness, but contaminated vegetables could only make your condition worse. Avoid having salads when you are on board.

Potatoes are a popular choice at any given time as it is a versatile food that can be used in various recipes. While this is so, having potato salad can also be risky for your system.

Motion sickness can be difficult to handle, especially if you are at an event where you are expected to face many people. Motion sickness makes you feel clammy, nauseous, and sick to your stomach. While anyone can experience motion sickness, there are some situations when the risk for this condition is increased. Menstrual periods, taking hormonal birth control pills, and pregnancy are conditions that may increase the chances of experiencing motion sickness.

If you or your friend are experiencing cold sweats, dizziness, or fatigue, they might be experiencing motion sickness. There are some treatments for motion sickness, such as taking over-the-counter antihistamines. Getting fresh air can also help.

It is best to take all precautions when riding a boat for the first time. You would want to enjoy and make the most out of this experience that may only rarely happen. Celebrating special occasions and social gatherings on board can be a fun and memorable experience for all of you, so keep in mind what to avoid to prevent getting symptoms of motion sickness.

Safety Aboard

Travelling on a boat might be a special event for everyone involved, but given the current circumstances, there may still be some safety guidelines to follow when aboard a boat. Every passenger on board needs to prioritise everyone’s safety. You should avoid getting carried away by the fun and excitement that the boat experience may bring. While quarantine protocols are getting more relaxed in some areas, it is everyone’s responsibility to research and contact their local government about the updated safety guidelines during this pandemic.

Passengers on a boat are more prone to spreading the COVID-19 virus as the passengers are limited to only the boat’s space. It would be best if all passengers have been vaccinated first before embarking on their boat adventure. Everyone should also be mindful of avoiding boarding a boat if they have been experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19.

While onboard, the CDC has some travel guidelines that may help you enjoy your trip better. Ensure that everyone on board is familiar with these guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip.

Travelling these days is still risky. No matter how special the occasion might be, always prioritise your safety and everyone else’s well-being.

When experiencing a boat ride for the first time, you have to be familiar with the rules and guidelines on board to avoid embarrassment and friction with other passengers. Given the pandemic situation, you should also consider the safety of everyone aboard.

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