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In the video above, the reporter outlines comprehensive steps for car storage for extended periods, whether it’s during winter or for prolonged deployments. He emphasizes the importance of timing, suggesting that if the vehicle won’t be used for a month or more, it’s wise to prepare it for storage. Highlighting critical aspects, the reporter details essential measures to safeguard the car’s components and performance during its inactive phase.

The reporter underscores the significance of choosing an appropriate storage location. He stresses the importance of selecting a space with a solid, non-grassy floor to prevent moisture accumulation, which could adversely affect the car’s internal systems.

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Furthermore, he advises against using plastic as a moisture barrier, citing its tendency to collect rainwater and create more problems. This guidance ensures that the car remains in optimal condition even while not in use.

Additionally, the reporter delves into meticulous steps to maintain the car’s various components. From stabilizing fuel and changing oil to managing tire pressure and caring for the battery, each measure aims to preserve the vehicle’s functionality. Moreover, he emphasizes using moisture-absorbing products inside the car and provides insightful tips to deter rodents without resorting to harmful rodenticides. By following these guidelines, the reporter assures that the car will remain in top shape, and ready for use when you need it next time.


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