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You won’t have a hassle in finding a spacious van that you need for your business today, especially if you need to transport food. The Mercedes Benz Sprinter vans for sale in Utah and other states can make your life easier. To find the right vehicle for your food conveyance business, consider the following information.

The Freightliner Sprinter Crew Van

Continuously delighting critics and consumers, the Freightliner Sprinter Crew Van is an ideal food conveyor, highly recommend that you can use to earn higher profits. Its elongated built — 76.4 inches of standing room, will provide you with complete satisfaction because the van also has full windows, allowing natural light into the interiors.

The Sprinter has 7,500-pound towing capacity for your convenience, with a 3.0-liter turbo diesel motor for maximum transport efficiency. Ideal services you can do through this amazing van are the following:

  • Loading picnic tables
  • Carrying large pizza furnaces
  • Transporting trailer laden with umbrellas

Refrigerated Van

The Sprinter van is perfect for maximum insulation and refrigeration. This is a must-have food conveyor of frozen goods for retailers. The vehicle can help you achieve the required chill and sub-zero temperatures to protect your items and retain their freshness.

The Help You Can Gain from a Reliable Dealer

Find a reliable Sprinter van dealer near you to get the right vehicle for your food transport business. They can offer you the best custom-built vehicles, such as the refrigerated van, to meet your demands.

The Process of Getting a Refrigerated Van

  • Choose your desired vehicle: The dealer will present you with various van models for you to choose the best one that suits your business needs. Sprinter has various styles and sizes of vehicles, so you won’t have a hard time finding the right one.
  • Customizing your van: The Sprinter van can be tailor-fit to satisfy your business requirements. From chill or sub-temperatures, you can also make your trailer hot storage for specific items. With experts, your van will have adequate cargo management, lighting, and significant options.
  • Determine the power that you need: Consult your dealer and they can help you install the necessary features for the refrigeration process. Your goods can be kept fresh overnight, even if the vehicle is in standby mode. Typically, it will only take a few weeks to wait for the needed components for the vehicle, and you will wait for only a few days if they are readily available in the auto facility.
  • Ordering the van: Once all the features have been assessed between you and the dealer, you can order the Sprinter model that meets all your business requirements. You can start earning money conveniently, and there’s a guarantee for long vehicle service.

Features That Sprinter Vans Offer

Sprinter Van on the road

  • USDA and FDA certified
  • Washable to dodge bacteria and cross impurity
  • Wood materials are sealed perfectly
  • Excellent double-layer Fi-Foil insulation
  • The insulation is layered with high-impact fiberglass for added protection
  • Zero moisture intrusion
  • The floor, sidewalls, and doors are tread plate reinforced
  • The seams have silicone that resists mold and impedes moisture
  • Inner and outer LED lights for complete safety and enhance visibility
  • Optimal vehicle operation

Many people are convinced with the Mercedes Benz Sprinter because of its durability and dependability. Get it from a trusted dealer near you.

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