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Choosing what car to purchase is always a big decision. But when you factor in your family’s safety, especially when you have babies and young children, the choice becomes higher in stakes. If you and your partner choose the best car for your young family, here are some considerations you need to make and car models and brands that are considered safest in 2021.

Family cars

Family cars are simply those that meet the requirements of a growing family—one where your kids can be rowdy but remain firmly in place, and what kind of equipment you’ll be hauling into the car. Another consideration is what the car will be used for. Will you use it for outdoor adventures like off-roading or camping, or will it simply be for taking the kids to and from school? Will you need child-friendly entertainment options? Knowing what the vehicle is for will help you significantly narrow down your choices.

Safety features

Unfortunately, safety features are often the last thing people think of when choosing a vehicle, but they’re perhaps the most important part when you have a growing family. Here are some safety features you need to take a close look at when making your choice:

  • Car seat support. Most vehicles, regardless of brand and model, make it easy for parents to install car seats in and out. However, if you have many young kids and plan to have more, you might have to consider how many car seats can fit in a single row. The good news is that most vehicles made after 2002 were designed to have a built-in LATCH system, making it easy to install car seats.
  • Rear vision cameras. This feature provides a live image of what’s going on behind you, which is incredibly helpful when you’re in reverse. The grid lines also help drivers keep their distance from other cars and objects. The 360-degree cameras also give drivers a full view of everything that’s happening around their car while navigating tight spaces.
  • Back seat reminder. This is an audio safety feature that reminds drivers to check the back seat when they’ve reached their destination. Having this feature doesn’t make you a bad parent; it’s an acceptance that we all get distracted, and we sometimes need reminding that we have babies or small kids in the car.
  • Adaptive cruise control. It is beneficial for drivers who tend to lose track of how fast they’re going since this feature can help set your cruise control’s maximum speed and automatically slow or speed down your vehicle to help you keep pace with the vehicle before you. It’s also handy for stop-and-go traffic.
  • Collision warning. This safety feature comes in different forms, but their common denominator is that they work to remind you when you’re too close to someone—both other cars and pedestrians. Other models will even automatically apply the brakes for you.
  • Lane-change assist. This feature helps you when you find yourself slipping out of your lane while your turn signal isn’t on since it helps to warn you and steer your wheel back in the right direction.
  • Blind-spot monitoring. This safety feature lights up your side mirrors to warn you when a car or a pedestrian is in your blind-spot.
  • Parking sensors. This is a convenient safety feature for people who mostly drive in the city since these sensors warn you when you’re getting too close, not just to other cars but also other things of a certain height, like shopping carts.

subaru outback suv

Safest Family SUVs

Subaru as a brand tends to receive accolades for having some of the safest models. In 2018, seven of their models received the top spot in safety ratings, which were judged by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). And the best part about the brand is that whenever you need a Subaru brake repair or replacement, many car experts and professionals are always easily accessible.

Other SUVs that received top safety marks in the past few years include the 2020 Nissan Pathfinder, the 2020 Toyota Highlander, the 2020 Honda Passport, and the 2020 Fort Edge. If you’re looking for something a little more luxurious, the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen is also known for its miles of steel and ample space for increased protection.

Whatever safe family SUV you decide to go for, don’t forget that drivers also have a lot of responsibility. With the proper safety measures, there’s no reason why you and your family should ever be in harm’s way while on the road. Stay safe and happy driving!

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