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Riding a motorcycle is a fun experience. Imagine yourself blazing through a wide-open road going 70 miles per hour. You feel your heart race as the adrenaline starts pumping into your body. The roar of your engine makes you want to go even faster. But suddenly, you hear something rattle from inside your motorcycle. The next thing you know, you’re lying down with you back on the pavement: with no idea what just happened. Most motorcycle owners have experienced this kind of situation at least once while riding. These types of incidents can be avoided with the right preparations and safety precautions.

Check the Tires

Let’s start with the easiest part to check off. The tires are an integral part of any vehicle and require checking every month. Things like tire pressure, amount of thread, and cracks or dry spots are what you should look out for. Sudden weather or temperature changes can cause your tire pressure to drop significantly, so it is a good idea to check it every month to see if you need to reinflate or decrease the pressure in your tires.

The tire threads provide the traction your motorcycle needs to get a firm grip on the road. These threads can slowly shave away due to wear-and-tear. As such, tires will need replacement once the amount of thread is up to the point where they can no longer provide good traction. Doing so can prevent your motorcycle from slipping off the road and launching you to the pavement.

Cracks in your tires can serve as an indicator of whether you should have your tires replaced or repaired. Small cracks around the edges can be a sign of something going on inside the tire structure. It’s better to have those cracks checked out now to save yourself the trouble of costly repairs or replacements should it get worse.

The Engine

Checking the engine, especially a full inspection, can be an uphill task. The simplest part of the engine that you can check yourself is the engine oil to see if it’s still good. But anything other than that should be handled by an expert or professional. This fact is especially true for people who aren’t particularly sure how the engine works and what to look out for.


How does one know when to have their engine checked? Getting your Motorcycle serviced for maintenance every six months is a good rule of thumb. However, if you feel that something isn’t quite right or if you hear some strange noises that don’t sound right, it’d be a good idea to get someone to repair your motorcycle before going for a long drive. Chances are your instincts were correct, and there are probably a few parts loose or even worse. Even if there was nothing wrong, at least you get peace of mind from knowing that everything is fine.

Other Parts

Checking out the other minor parts of your motorcycle before going out on a ride can contribute to your overall safety on the road. Although rare and unlikely, there are still some instances when parts of a motorcycle come flying off and become projectiles that can pose a danger for others. To prevent this, make sure that your mirrors and mudguard are properly attached and not loose in any way. You can also check your muffler and seat just as an added precaution.

Take a Look at Yourself

Last but not least, you should consider if you are even fit to ride. A motorcycle is only ever as good as the person riding it. Many motorcycle-related accidents involve an impaired or compromised rider. As such, it is a necessary step to take some time to assess yourself before riding out. If you’ve had a few drinks or are feeling unwell, then you probably shouldn’t go out for a ride. Emotional and mental instability caused by a recent argument or intense experience can also cause a rider to become momentarily dazed while out on the road. Such distractions or impairments can lead to disastrous results.

Many other factors can be considered to help avoid accidents while riding. However, all of these are precautions that can lessen the chances of an accident. Ultimately, no one can say when and where an accident can occur and how severe the results may be. But, choosing to follow these precautions ensures you’ve done your part for overall road safety. Hopefully, you’ll never have to experience an accident throughout the rest of the time you’ll spend riding your motorcycle.

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