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Honesty is a best practice when attempting to sell junk car. Cars with substantial mileage or condition issues have obviously seen better days, and anyone with mechanical knowledge will quickly spot issues, so being deceitful does not work to the sellers’ advantage. Instead, when a potential buyer sees a car in worse condition than was advertised, they naturally become suspicious of everything that comes out of the seller’s mouth.

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The far better approach is to be honest about the condition of the vehicle, its problems, and its potential. Describe it as a project car, much like people advertise some homes as a handyman’s dreams. Describing a vehicle as a project car sets the stage for honest discussions of its condition and can make the car attractive to someone who wants a vehicle to work on. Those who enjoy fixing or renovating vehicles enjoy taking a car from point A to point B, enhancing the vehicle’s mechanicals and appearance.

Regarding appearance, if you want to sell junk car, your advertisement should include many pictures of the vehicle. The pictures should include front, back, and three-quarters views and images of the interior, dents, rust, and other positive and negative elements of the vehicle. Of course, the description should include the mileage, number of owners, and vehicle history when known.


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