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Hooking up a gooseneck enclosed trailer seems like a challenge, but it’s actually easier than hooking up a bumper pull trailer. Connecting with the hitch is a matter of having your tailgate down, your trailer jacked up high enough to clear your bed, and slowly lining up the ball in the bed with the coupler of the hitch. Once the coupler is over the hitch, you can lower the trailer, lift the legs, and lock the hitch.

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Make sure the chains are hooked up, and you’re ready to go.

Before you get into the cab, pull your tailgate down on the bed of the truck to avoid denting it with the coupler. Once that’s done, pull your tow vehicle in front of the trailer and put yourself in alignment with the front of the trailer. Once you’re lined up with the coupler, put your vehicle in reverse, and slowly back your way towards the trailer.

Stop when the coupler is directly over the ball. Lower the trailer with the jack, and raise the legs up until the trailer is resting on the ball. Make sure to raise the trailer legs all the way up to avoid scraping the ground. Lastly, reach into the bed and release the coupler lock so it goes into place and locks the coupler onto the ball. Hook up your chains, get into the cab, and gently pull the trailer forward.


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