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Traveling during the holidays gives people the time to unwind from the many stresses of their daily working lives. It lets everyone get away from the usual places associated with work and see new sights while out on vacation. Traveling is even found to have some health benefits related to people’s mental and physical well-being, further boosting productivity and mental processes for working after the trip.

But not everyone has a personal vehicle to drive for a road trip, nor is it always the best option to use for travel. Some will also have to think of their budget and save on transportation instead of the vacation itself. To help you pick out the best transportation option for your vacation, here are some of the available choices with their respective pros and cons.


Traveling to a destination closer to your home opens the option of riding the bus. This is one of the most economical options you can take as a traveler, letting you see different places as the ride cruises through the city. Some buses will also have air conditioning to keep you comfortable throughout the trip and a free Wi-Fi connection to use for your entertainment.

But taking the bus can be a big inconvenience if you have to keep jumping from one ride to another to get to your location. Buses can also be crowded, leaving you vulnerable to theft. They will most definitely visit every stop to let in waiting passengers who can delay your arrival at your destination.


train station

Traveling by train is a classic way to get around. A train is the best one to ride if you value timeliness as train systems are strict with their schedules, following almost exactly the time of departure and arrival. But because of the efficiency, train rides can also be on the expensive side, especially if you booked a higher class to avoid the crowds of people in the standard class.

Ridesharing and Rentals

Of course, a simple solution to not having a car to drive is to rent one. Renting a vehicle for your trip is very convenient since you won’t have to share a ride with strangers. You can go anywhere, anytime you want. But the main downside is that this is very expensive since you will be paying for the base rental fee, the insurance, and even the gas for when you return the vehicle. Extra charges can even come up from hidden fees or when damages were found after you use it.

On the other hand, ridesharing is kind of the same concept, except you will also be hiring the driver of the vehicle. Just like renting a rental, you can go almost anywhere you want without sharing the ride with strangers. But again, this can be expensive if you are traveling far and can be a source of worry for your safety, especially when traveling by yourself.


If you will be away for a few months and will bring most of your belongings with you, you should think of using a truck to transport larger items. Just like in the process of home moving, you can hire residential moving companies to assist in transporting your belongings. This is also an option if, for example, you purchased some furniture or other big products on your vacation without an available delivery service. Using a truck is always a viable option that you shouldn’t forget.

Plane or Ship

Flying on an airplane and sailing on a ship are the more expensive options you can take. Both can be luxurious and comfortable or dirty and crowded for the passengers depending on the transportation company and the class you avail. Taking a flight should be the more convenient and fastest travel that you can make, while a sea voyage can be a new experience altogether. But both of these can be a rocky ride depending on the weather or on your conditions that can be affected by vehicle motions.

Traveling for the holidays should be a fun and exciting experience with your loved ones, and it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable or heavy on your expenses. You should have a good time once at your destination without thinking of the hassle of getting there. So with these options, you should be able to find what fits the specifications of your trip.

But because the pandemic is still here and infecting people as the days go by, you should also plan the trip with safety in mind, especially when taking public transportation to get to your location. Everyone is encouraged to continue wearing masks and maintaining the appropriate social distance from others to avoid contracting the virus in public places. So keep safe in your travels and have fun on your holiday vacation.

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