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Covingtons' Evo Bagger 4/2010

I donít know if youíre sick and tired of me beating the Evolution powered Bagger drum, but here it comes once again. A few issues back we featured Kendall Johnsonís Evo Bagger makeover and the response we received was tremendous. Leave it to the evil geniuses at Covingtons Cycle City to build/customize a show-winning, magazine-worthy Evo Bagger. All you need to do is look at the pictures and salivate about having this beauty in your garage. In this tough economy, maybe an Evo project Bagger is just what you need. Itís a great platform for a low-buck, high-impact customized Bagger. The Covingtons crew didnít choose just any affordable Evo Bagger as their platform; they picked a 1996 Police Road King. While the bike now has little resemblance to its original police configuration, the Evo Bagger redo is more affordable than you might think.

The stock motor was removed and replaced by an H&L 113Ē Evo-style beast. With 135 horses and torque that is off the chart, this Bagger flat out flies. H&L builds their motors in-house, using mostly H&L proprietary parts and a few S&S parts. The cases are from H&L, as are the billet heads, pistons, cylinders, cams, rocker arms, pushrods, lifters and lifter blocks. S&S supplied the flywheels, connecting rods and the carburetor. A Crane ignition keeps the timing perfect while a Bassani exhaust expels the gases in a timely manner. Shifting is provided by a Baker Drivetrain six-speed transmission. Delivering the power from the H&L motor to the Baker transmission is a Primo Belt Drive.

The stock Road King frame was chopped and raked by Covingtons way back in 1997. Iíd say they were ahead of their time. Up front, a 23Ē Rampage Lucky 7 wheel rides on Avon rubber. When done right, a 23Ē wheel not only looks good but rides good, as you can see this one was done correctly. A Performance Machine caliper grips a Rampage rotor for optimal braking. Out back, an 18 x 4.5Ē Rampage Lucky 7 wheel rides on a 140mm Avon tire. A Rampage rotor and stock Harley-Davidsonģ caliper handles the rear braking. Legend Air Suspension keeps the rider comfortable while riding over potholes.

The stretched gas tank is a customized Russ Wernimont Designs piece, the front fender is from Fat Katz and the rear fender is a customized Klock Werks item. The stylish stretched saddlebags are Gator Boxes. Those tall-pullback handlebars are from Covingtons; they are mounted in Harley risers and are equipped with Performance Machine grips. Dusty Brown sprayed the Kandy Brandy Wine paint over gold, while mixing in plenty of gold flake. Brian Loker handled the graphics.

Over the years, we all customize our Baggers, and at some point we take a good hard look and realize itís time for a complete makeover. Thanks to the Covingtons crew, it will be a long time before this Evo powered Bagger needs a redo!

For more information on Covingtons Cycle City, call 580.256.2939 or visit

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